Congregational Care


Congregational Care includes the ministries and activities we do in order to meet the needs of our church community.

 Deacon Leader

Deanna Hoatson


Home: 308-532-4371

Nursery (CC001): 

Volunteering to help in the nursery and helping with the upkeep of the nurseries is a valuable and important ministry at First Baptist.  These people help provide the children with their first church experiences. For those of you that have a warm, caring heart towards infants and toddlers this ministry is for you!

Team Leader-Monica Huff


Phone: 970-214-9763

Ministry of Love (CC002):   

This ministry is of great value to all at First Baptist.  It involves helping those of us during and after surgeries, illness and sometimes just because.  Whether it involves taking a meal, volunteering to mow a lawn, or giving someone a ride to the doctors office, we all can use a little help now and then.  If you like to cook or could give someone a lift now and then please consider volunteering.

Team Leader-Mary Henry

Phone: 308-532-7661

Funeral Dinners (CC003): 

Providing a meal and a place to gather during the loss of a loved one offers a great comfort to the family.   Here at First Baptist this is handled by our American Baptist Women groups.  If you feel led to help out with providing food or working, then please feel free to volunteer and we will get you on the volunteer list.

Contact- Roxie Pickard


Office: 308-534-9264

Visitation (CC004): 

Sometimes when you are sick or cant get out like you want, a visit from a fellow church member is like sunshine.  Visiting shut-ins, those in the hospital or people that just need to see a kind and smiling face is a valuable ministry.  And it makes you feel good too!  If you would like to join this ministry please contact us.

Team leader-Barb Conley, Director of S.A.M.

Home: 308-534-2209

Library (CC005):

The First Baptist Library is located on the second floor hall and contains a variety of books and videos that are available for check out.  This ministry seeks to maintain a consistent flow of new material as well as keeping current material organized for our congregation.  This ministry has a wonderful potential.  Volunteers who wish to work in this ministry should contact the church office.

Team Leader-Pat Dannatt



Building and Grounds Team (CC006): 

First Baptist Church has one of the most beautiful buildings and landscapes in North Platte.  Keeping up with these wonderful facilities is the task of the Building and Grounds Team.  General repairs, yard maintenance, painting, plumbing, and electrical problems are not unique to your home, they are also necessary to our church facilities.  If youre a handy person or just like to help out, join this wonderful group as they laugh together while keeping up with the needs of our church campus.

Team Leader-Wayne Anderson

Home: 308-520-4061


Senior Adult Ministries (CC007): Shepherding the elders in our fellowship with visitations, hospital calls, prayers before surgery, bereavement calls, transporting elders to hospital for tests, to physician's appointments, and planning social events. I need help occasionally for some special visits and transportation. 

Team leader-Barb Conley, Director of S.A.M.


Home: 308-534-2209

Bus Ministry (CC009):

Our congregation prides itself on being able to provide transportation for those without.  The Bus Ministry provides rides to and from church services, events, and activities for those who are unable drive themselves or dont have another way around.  This ministry is always looking for new drivers to help.

Team Leader-Bill Henry


Phone: 308-520-1127

Corner Church Sign (CC010):

Our church has a marquee on the corner of McDonald and B Street.  It gives our meeting times and each week a new uplifting statement is placed on the marquee.  If you would like to change the sign or have suggested statements see the team leader.

Team Leader-Dennis Thompson 


Phone: 308-530-4459