2016 Ministry Catalog

Fellowship is the sharing of ourselves with one another in the community of faith.  Like the earliest Christians in the book of Acts we seek to dedicate ourselves to fellowship by finding creative ways to come together as the community of Christ.


This is the First Baptist Church  Ministry Catalogue Third Edition (revised November 2015).  There are over 70 different ways to be involved in active ministry at First Baptist. If you have a need or know of a need that one of our ministries could meet please let the church know.  You will also find that you are encouraged to join and participate in any area of ministry you are interested in.  Our church firmly believes that all members have a responsibility to serve in ministry and that is why we encourage all to be involved in at least two ministry areas.


To learn more about an area of ministry please select the image next to the ministry you are interested in. If you would like to join particular ministries there are a variety of ways to make contact. 


  1.  Contact the Team Leader for the particular ministry you are interested in.  Their contact info is located under the ministry they lead.
  2. Contact the Deacon that oversees the particular Ministry Area. 
  3. Contact any of the staff or the church office.
For a complete pdf version of the catalogue click the cover image to the left.
    Discipleship is the process of being transformed into Christ-likeness. The Ministry Area of Discipleship includes the programs, ministries, and opportunities that foster transformation.
    Worship is the act of paying attention to what God is doing.  We are able to worship at all times, however, it is important to come together regularly as the community to interact with God.  We call this interaction Worship.
    Congregational Care includes the ministries and activities we do in order to meet the needs of our church community.
    Missions is our response to the Great Commandment of Matthew 28.  To be on mission means being an active participant in what God is doing in the world.