WORSHIP 10:15 A.M.              




        WORSHIP 10:15 A.M.              




Worship is the act of paying attention to what God is doing.  We are able to worship at all times, however, it is important to come together regularly as the community to interact with God.  We call this interaction Worship.


Deacon Leader

Gene Stadler


Home: 308-532-4364 


Technical Team (W001): 

Sound, lights and video are important aspects to any worship service in the 21st century.  Our Technical Team is responsible for the use of sound equipment, lighting, computers and projectors that help to enhance our worship experience and to add to the effectiveness of other events and services.  If you are creative, like technology, and have a desire to learn, then the Technical Team may be for you.  No previous experience is necessary.


Team Leader - Todd Turner

Email: (home)

Email: (work)

Work: 308-532-7110

Home: 308-534-5738

Music Coordination (W002): 

We are blessed with a number of members who are willing to share their musical gifts with our congregation.  There are a many opportunities to share in the Music Ministry of First Baptist Church, including:


Praise & Worship Team (W003) This group leads the singing during the opening minutes of the Sunday worship service.


Sanctuary Choir (W004) This is a group of adults (high school age and up) that sings during our Sunday worship services several times a month throughout the school year.  We may sing at other special services during the year, as well.


Chapel Bells (W005) This is a hand bell choir that begins practicing in the fall and plays the prelude one night of the Living Christmas Tree and during one or more Sunday services during the Christmas season.  We may play other times during the year, as schedules allow.


Special Music (W006) From time to time, some of our members share a solo, duet, ensemble or instrumental special with us during our Sunday worship service or during any of our special or seasonal services.


Area Chairperson - Lyn Waltemath


Home: 308-534-3034


Special Services (W007): 

In addition to our Sunday morning worship services, we participate in a number of special services throughout the year.  These may include Christmas Eve Services, Holy Week Services, for example.


Team Leader 


Office: 308-532-6772


Baptism (W008): 

The ordinance of Baptism is an important part of our congregational experience.   Most baptisms take place during our Sunday worship services, and are scheduled by the Pastor.  The Baptism team assists the candidates before and after baptism.


Team Leaders - Kathy and Larry Adkisson


Office: 308-532-6772

Ushers (W009): 

The ushers greet Sunday morning worshippers, give them a weekly worship guide and assist them in finding a seat, if necessary.  We also use ushers at other special services throughout the year, such as the four performances of the Living Christmas Tree. 


Team Leader - Allen Huff


Home: 970-214-9763


Worship Leaders (W010): 

The worship leaders are lay people who read scripture and lead us in prayer during our Sunday morning worship services.  They may be called on to lead for other special services throughout the year, as well.


Team Leader - Gene Stadler


Home: 308-532-4364


Childrens Church (W011):  

This is a ministry for children age 4 through 1st grade.  These children will be excused during the last half of the service for a special time of worship designed especially with them in mind.  If you enjoy young children and would like to be a part of their spiritual development, this ministry is for you!


Team Leaders - Penny Adkisson 

Cell: 308-660-4505

Communion Team(W012)

Communion, Eucharist, Lords Supper, or Thanksgiving Meal are all terms used for the coming together at the Lord's Table.  Taking the Communion together is one of our most holy moments as a community of believers.  The communion team is responsible for setting up, serving and putting away the communion items.

Team Leaders-Larry and Erna Todd


Home:  308-534-5494